Role of a broadband connection in Digital India


Role of a broadband connection in Digital India

Initiated on 1st July 2015 by our honourablePrime Minister, the Digital India campaign took a big lead during the pandemic situation. People who were resisting the use of digital transaction, chose to go digital when they realized that they need to social and physical distancing. Going digital wouldn’t have been possible without high-speed Internet networks. With the need to go digital, demand for reliable internet connection has grown. Most of the people rely on the broadband connection over mobile data or DSL connection. Although both mobile data or DSL connection offer secure and fast connection but they certainly have limitations as compared to broadband plans. Let’s have a look at the advantages of choosing the best wifi plans in support of Digital India and touches the lives of a common man. 

High-quality Education systemBest wifi plansopen a surplus of opportunities for almost everyone. It creates economicinsertion for those who didn’t even think about it earlier.Many of the institutions already had the sound education system established over the web. But, due to the COVID-19 situation. Education has completely taken a shift online. Most of the schools, colleges, coaching centers, etc. are conducting their classes online. This has helped students a lot to continue their studies without giving a halt to it.

Access to Information – In our country, about 70% of the population resides in rural areas. Improved internet connectivity has helped them to access information such as government policies, development, financial tools, and economy. It is not mandatory to buy high-speed internet plans, they can buy any prepaid internet plan and do the Broadband recharge as and when they need, and according to their personal internet needs.

Online Shopping Best Wifi Plans have opened doors for e-commerce. It has not only given an option for buyers to make their purchases online, but it has also given many more opportunities for sellers to sell their products online. So, it is a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers. A couple of years back, probably a grocery store owner wouldn’t have thought that his small grocery store will have an online presence and people would place the orders online. All thanks to technology and broadband connectivity.

Online Banking and several other ways to make digital payments:Everyone has to physically visit the bank to make transactions a few years ago. Sometimes, there was no bank branch in the village area. But today, in Digital India, all banking transactions can be easily and securely performed online with the least contact requirement from a bank branch. All you need to do is choose from secure best wifi plans, make the broadband recharge and you are all set to go digital. Not only banking but many other easy ways of payments and transactions are introduced such as mobile wallets which have created a secure and easy way to make digital payment.

Work from Home: The internet has made it possible for masses of people to work from home, especially during the pandemic. Not only that, it has brought a lot of new opportunities for moms who had to leave their jobs for their young kids. Now they can easily maintain a good work-life balance by working for homes. 

The world under one roof: Now we can connect with anyone, anywhere in the world. This has given rise to an increase in international business. No distance is long! We can connect and communicate with anybody across the globe.

How broadband connection is a game-changer for Digital India?

Although there are different types of internet connections available such a mobile internet, DSL, etc. But a broadband connection has several advantages over other types of internet connections. Some of those are

  • Broadband transmission is faster than other forms of internet 
  • Broadbandconnection results in less diminution
  • Distance covered with broadband is far more thanDSL
  • Broadband cables are impervious to electromagnetic interference:
  • Broadbandhas minimal disconnects or downtime

Wrapping Up

Withthe Digital India initiative rolled on in 2016, broadband connections with the best wifi planshave been a great support. We couldn’t just imagine how much India could change and improve in terms of turning digital.

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