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Sleep Positions & How They Affect Your Health || Wow Gilles
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 Sleep Positions & How They Affect Your Health


  Sleep Positions & How They Affect Your Health


Humans spend one-third of their lives sleeping, still though it is acceptable that sleep is beneficial to health, several folks fail to comprehend that isn’t merely quality & extent of sleep which is mattering – it is even the sleep positions adopted that matter.


With close to ninety-five percent of the populace going to sleep in the analogous position on a nightly basis, hence here’s some crucial information about the plus & downsides of your pet sleeping positions.


Specialist Opinion: This sleep position has got the name ‘recovery’ since it is analogous to the posturing deployed in medical emergency scenarios. 


This sleeping position could aid in reducing GERD & facilitate better digestion. In heartburn sufferers the abdominal acid dashing up the oesophagus due to weakened link amid the oesophageal-abdominal region & triggering burning sensation. 


Part of the solution to this problem is sleeping on one’s left side. A trial done on acid indigestion sufferers in Philadelphia Graduate Hosp. noticed that right-sided sleeping translated to leaking of abdominal acids taking more time for draining out from the oesophageal region than when asleep on one’s left side, hence people asleep on their rt. side experienced greater discomforting sensation. The medic team were not sure about the rationale for such effect.


Though it could allay agonizing stomach, going to sleep on one’s side could be worsening wrinkling as it places augmented pressure on the nasal-labial folds running from the crooks of nasal area to the mouth sides – called as smile lines. Dependent on the side one is used to sleeping on, the smile line on this side of the facial area might be more apparent & deep-set resulting from the face being pressed against the cushion.


What To Do: In case left-sided sleeping isn’t helping & acid reflux & indigestion are yet not allaying then try propping your head to a slight extent on the bed so the torso is positioned at a higher level as compared to your tummy. 


Some physicians even recommend that silk cushion could aid in reducing wrinkling arising from sleep-caused pressure since such a material is gentler on the skin as compared to others, though this hasn’t been substantiated.


Specialist Opinion: Going to sleep on one’s back is an ideal choice for arthritic & joint ache patients. This is since it tends to distribute body weight in an even manner all through the body sans any straining on any particular region.


But, the analogous sleeping position is well-identified to intensify snoring since the jaws & tongue muscles are relaxed & these areas sagging due to gravitational effect. This would be causing narrowing of the throat which leads to air going hurly-burly & vibrating. It is especially pertinent to obese or overweight adults wherein weight of additional flab in the frontal part of the neck would amplify the throat drooping.


Sleep apnea is a rather grave condition wherein total closure of the throat occurs which leads to sporadic pausing in respiration lasting for 10 or more seconds. This could worsen when that person sleeps on his back because of the gravitational action on the throat area.


Studies have proven that people sleeping on the back have a greater likelihood of having lower oxygen levels in their blood that is a particularly worrisome for those suffering from cardiovascular & lung conditions. 


Such individuals are also breathing quicker as compared to when lying down in other sleep positions & causal to deoxygenated tissues of the body & intensify several breathing & circulatory issues inclusive of asthma & cardiovascular ailment.


What to do: In case you are accustomed to sleeping in this position then ensure investing in a firm-feel cushion. Inadequate support to the upper spinal & neck areas could be causal to shoulder & neck muscles getting tensed & lead to pains. 


Also a cushion could be placed beneath the upper back of such people so that they it would persuade them into changing their sleep position & shifting onto their sides or frontal part.


Specialist Opinion: This is the commonest sleep pose in the United Kingdom wherein one draws up legs toward one’s trunk which helps in repairing wearing & tearing in the back. However, it is crucial that neck is kept aligned with the remaining part of the body by ensuring your cushion is neither quite high or lowly placed as it could be straining neck nerves & muscles causing pains in this area at dawn. 


Low back pain sufferers must particularly be watchful about ensuring that spinal & neck areas are kept straightened & no twist occurs at the pelvic & hip areas. Such neck straining could even be leading to tension headache. Tensions in the cervical vertebrae situated at the cranial base could be causal to pains radiating to the back & upper part of the head proffering a sense of persistent pressure.


What To Do: Find a cushion which aptly is filling the space amid the neck & shoulders which would aid in preventing any straining in neck or headache. When one lies down in this position, ideally neck & spinal area must be forming a straightened line. Propping a cushion amid the knees could assist in keeping spine aligned & avert any undesirable coiling of the pelvic & hip areas.


What To Do: For those who share a bedding with a mate, it is crucial to be a tad bit selfish regarding sleep arrangement. Firstly, locate a nice 1221 Meaning: Do You Know?  beginning pose which one is comfy with, also when it translates to the fact that it would create a lot a space in-between the both of you when sleeping.


Pairs may even have differing opinions about their preference & need of mattresses since individuals with differing weight & build would need a different type of mattress. For resolving such problem, duo different forms of bed (soft & hard for instance) could then be put together via zipping.


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