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Sugar Balance Support Formula - WOW GILLES

Sugar Balance Support Formula


The Deadly Part of Your Diet and What You Can Do About It!

We live in a rather warm neutered world. We can’t say what we want, even with the First Amendment. I have personally experienced this during my career as a supplement designer. Specifically, I have addressed the problem of living longer and better and have been targeted for it, even though the current powers that control our healthcare DO NOT admit that aging is a disease. There is much more benefit to chasing symptoms. from diseases like heart failure, heart attacks, cancer, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s than there is by looking at what causes them. Interestingly, there is no general agreement on the causes of these diseases, much less on what to do about them also read more about sugar balance at its official website


There are no causes or cures, just a life of drugs!

Current thinking is that these diseases are random events caused by flaws in our engineering as humans and that they will surely happen. Every now and then someone mentions “lifestyle” or “the environment” as potential problems, but that’s about it. Well, today I’m going to take a chance one more time and attack the status quo by telling you that there is a deadly, addictive, and disease-causing additive to almost everything you buy in the supermarket.

You probably don’t even realize it, but you got hooked at a young age and hooked your own kids at a young age, especially if things like boxed cereal, fruit juices, or pizza are on your weekly shopping list.

Now it’s hard to fight this dangerous killer that lurks in your diet unless you know it’s there, so let me tell you what it’s all about.

It’s sugar !!!

But understand that sugar hides in many forms and has many fancy names. Most of the carbohydrates you see on the food panels of the foods you buy will end up as pure sugar in your body.

As a test, count how many things you buy that have more than 15 grams of carbohydrates. Then look at the serving size and see how much you and your children eat. The average carbohydrate intake per day in the United States is around 500 grams per day. While it is somewhat less in Europe, it is on the rise as in Asia.Consequently, the incidence of diabetes and many other diseases of aging * are increasing along with the rate of obesity, another consequence of excess sugar and carbohydrates.


Now my job is to help you live longer and prosper!


I honestly believe it is possible, so much so that I spend most of my day researching and developing things that will help you maximize your chances. Although aging is not a disease in the eyes of the omnipotent powers that control our healthcare, I promise you sooner or later; we’ll get to the point where it’s undeniable.And one of the fastest accelerators of normal aging will be sugar and its carbohydrate cousins.


Now, not all carbohydrates are “bad”, just as not all fats are “bad.”

But when we look at where and when our genetics developed, it becomes clear that we were not meant to ingest hundreds and hundreds of grams of carbohydrates and sugars a day.

Then there is the addictive potential. If you try to reduce your carbohydrate intake to 50 grams a day, even without worrying about calorie intake, you will find out how much and how fast you are addicted to sugar and carbohydrates.

I practiced standard Internal Medicine for 18 years, and I can tell you that not once was the question asked, “Why do we keep seeing more and more and more and more young diabetics?”

All that was done was to create more drugs.

Similarly, no one asked, “Why do we keep seeing more and more obesity in younger and younger people?” All that was done was creating more crazy diets and terrible failed drugs that ended up hurting and killing people!


Sounds familiar?

In fact, it could be put on the list of “diseases that have no cure”, most of which increase as we get older and find the same situation: more drugs, more money, no cure.


Cancer someone?

Well, very slowly, the link between the risks of these diseases is becoming more apparent even to stubborn, profit-motivated geniuses who follow the ancient path of “wisdom.”

The link between obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease is becoming more and more mentioned. Eventually, when what I called “The Unified Theory of Disease” takes hold, geniuses themselves will begin to view the aging process as a causal factor. Now you may be saying, “Wait a minute, doctor, how do you explain that children get sick?” My answer is, with the exception of the very young who have genetic or congenital disabilities, I will tell you to familiarize yourself with the term “Accelerated Aging”!

That’s right! In my opinion, it is possible to differentially age certain parts of the body to behave like they are 80 when they are not even 16. Add a weak immune system on top of that, and now you have an old pancreas or an old heart in a older body! young man who should have many more miles on his tank! I’ll also tell you that excess insulin and sugar overload will accelerate aging faster than any legal substance I know of.


And we are surrounded by it.


Remember, a few moments ago; I told you that my job is to give you the best chance to have a long and healthy life.


  • Well, if sugar or carb addiction is practically a given, then you better have something you can take to help with that problem, right?
  • Enter my new Sugar Balance support formula!
  • Sugar Balance Support Supplement


Okay okay, I know that’s a clumsy name, but there’s a reason for it. Why don’t we call it SBSF for short from here on out?


  • Now why the awkward name.
  • You have a sense of humor?
  • If you do, then you will remember my initial comment on castrated, coward, weasel terminology.
  • In my opinion, the word “support” is as cowardly, wimpy, weak and flabby a term as it gets.


So why would you use it?

Answer: because that’s all “they” (the alphabet agencies that watch my every move and watch the world so that you and I can’t have independent thinking about our health; yes, it’s getting so bad!)

Putting diabetes is a multibillion dollar-a-year business that no self-respecting pharmaceutical company or anyone defending your rights is going to ignore without fully defending its territory. Diabetes is a disease; Insulin is a hormone, and changes in sugar levels and / or insulin levels are statements of structure and function.

In other words, if I say something that sounds vaguely like I’m suggesting that you can modify your glucose levels or your insulin actions by taking a supplement, well that’s Orange Jump Suit Territory. Cease and desist will be forgotten, and yours will actually be flirting with the wrong kind of people in the wrong place or catching the next plane to Latin America !!!

Now I love living here in the US, so I’m not going to say those things, but there are a few things that I can point out for you to understand this supplement and why it might be helpful. The first is to understand everything I wrote earlier about the dangers of sugar and carbohydrate addiction and the acceleration of the aging process in which they can be involved. Remember that one place we can make a difference is inflammation. Excess insulin (hyperinsulinemia) is inflammatory and appears not only to contribute to the failure of certain organs such as the pancreas, but to the global epigenetic shift towards aging.

Now remember how many fat people you see of all ages and how many diabetics you know of all ages, and your update will be complete.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather take this than a prescription drug ** !!!!!

Now I guess you’re getting a bit tired of science by now, so I’ll cut to the chase: I’m very proud of this compound and what it might do for your sugar balance. As always, if you are taking diabetes medication, watch out for possible low blood sugar episodes if you are taking prescriptions and always always ask your doctor about adding supplements for any conditions you may have.And while you’re at it, ask where the metformin comes from. The answer will be to say I promise.Here is the label so you can see the recommended dosage and other ingredients in case you have allergies or sensitivities!


So, you’ve seen all the science, let me tell you what I see.


I see another age-related epidemic that is waiting to feast on your health! I know of an opportunity to do something about it, and maybe just based on science, you could nip a potential problem in the bud while you still have a clue to deal with it. Just maybe.

I look at the relationship between sugar / insulin and aging. I look at the diets of most of my readers / clients and patients. I see people who are healthy now heading towards unhealthy and faster aging in the future unless something is done, even if you don’t have diabetes! Balancing sugar and insulin is all about homeostasis – achieving a safe and effective balance that promotes good health, decreased inflammation, and the best possible tissue repair.


Homeostasis is the hallmark of youth!

That is what I want to achieve for you (and ME!) With SBSF-Sugar Balance Support Formula!If you are worried, you can rest a little easier now! The deadly part of your diet now has a healthy enemy!



PS: My main intention with SBSF is to provide people who want to follow an anti-aging routine but don’t actually have diabetes an alternative to metformin. Today there are literally thousands of people taking metformin to “fight aging.” I have problems with metformin and its actions in the mitochondrial energy chain, as I have mentioned in many previous writings. I believe that SBSF is a much safer alternative to a prescription drug and does not cross the lines of government regulation in the process.It’s clear to me that we (you and I) probably need to drink something to combat what seems to be a more or less inevitable event as we age! That’s it!

Remember that no medical claims are being made, no claims for modification, mitigation, treatment or diagnosis of disease are expressed or implied. While the ingredients in this supplement have been tested and shown to be effective in certain laboratory studies with human subjects, this specific supplement has not been tested. Therefore, it cannot be assumed to behave as the whole of its parts according to the FDA, FTC, WADA, and other bodies in power.

** While the origins of metformin can be traced back to Goat’s Rue, Goat’s Rue is not a drug, a drug substitute, nor does it claim drug-like qualities or behaviors for this compound. This is a natural sugar balance support supplement. You can do the research and come to your own conclusions.


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