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A Smartphone is one of the inventions which have impacted the life of individuals in every possible way. In this digital era Smartphone has became the very important part of our life. The handheld devices had made life easier by letting people to communicate with each other without leaving their current space. It has many features like clicking pictures of the memories, keeping personal data etc. But everything comes at a price. This invention also has lead to many problematic issues.

Smartphone is getting popular day by day and having a little knowledge about their negative impact has triggered many serious issues. Scientist and research analyst has shown their concern towards this popularization of Smartphone is adversely affecting the human health, both physically and mentally.

What is radio frequency wave?

The Radio frequency wave is the wave emitted by mobile devices. It has been found that this wave causes severe damage to the human brain cells. It’s still not known at what extend it causes damage to brain cells. 

Effect of Radiation on human Brain:

Smartphone is the main source of radiating electromagnetic wave. Many researchers have been done by group of scientist about this topic. There is no particular proof that Smartphone is only reason that human brain develops tumors but yeah, some cases shows that radiation from Smartphone might the reason for developing cancer or tumors. 

At first this possibility of getting affected from radiation was narrowed down to some group of individuals. These individuals used to work on telecom sector. As mobile phones are getting popular scientists are conducting more experiment about the affect of radiation on human health. The impact of radiation on human brain is still being studied.

WHO’s on affect of radiation from mobile devices:

Phone radiation was considered to be the major reason for carcinogen by WHO. Some studies have been found that low level of radiation from mobile devices may cause cancer specifically brain cancer. 

Experiments on radiation:

Many research and experiment has been done, one of the experiment was done by National Toxicology Program (NTP). They exposed minute level of radio frequency wave to group of mice in solid two year. They found that majority of the male population had developed brain cancer due to exposure. This suggested that animals are more vulnerable to the radiation. It hasn’t been confirmed that at what extend human population get affected.

Another experiment was conducted on the male germ cells i.e. the sample of sperm. This was conducted to investigate how radiation affects the fertility of human being. It was found that the sample of sperm which was exposed to phone radiation would die three times faster than those which were not exposed to the radiation.

More research and experiment is being conducted by researchers to find more evidence that RF waves emitted by mobile phones can cause severe damage and prolonged exposure can also increase the possibility of brain cancer. 

Problems and Solutions:

Although, there are a hundred’s of problems can be caused due to the excessive usage of a Smartphone or similar kind of device, but we narrowed down a few points below for your information purpose.

Change of sleep pattern due to radiation:

Prolong usage of mobile devices can cause headache, fatigue, distraction etc. Also prolonged exposure of mobile lights on eyes causes severe damage. Six out of ten has confirmed that they had symptoms of headache, fatigue etc. Heavy usage of mobile can cause the change in the sleeping pattern. Change in sleep pattern is going to affect their attitude during day time and even worst that individuals mind may not be able to concentrate on anything. 

Fitness of an individual is hampered due to over usage of mobile?

Long term usage of mobile devices can cause strain on their muscle, ligaments and necks. Some of the user has also complained about their visual due to excessive usage of mobile devices. Prolonged usage of mobile devices may lead to back pain.

How can mobile radiation affect you?

Prolong exposure can cause brain tumors, Alzheimer’s, acoustic neuroma, hearing loss, and reduces melatonin production. Radiation does have many other affect too like DNA damage, leukemia and infertility.

As people are less aware about the harmful effects of mobile devices they developed some of the bad habits specifically women. Women’s tend to keep their mobile in their bras which increases the risk of breast cancer.

Who is more vulnerable to Radiation from mobile devices?


The bodies of children are immature, their immunity system and nervous system are in a developing process. So RF waves can easily penetrate through their brain cells. As the brain of children contains more water than an adult RF waves penetrate deeper than in case children. 

WHO conducted a survey on child mobile phone users. This kind of study gives us the insight that does radiation really increase the chances of developing brain tumor as children rarely develop brain tumor and it is easy to find out that radiation has increased this chances or not.

Pregnant Women:

Pregnant women should be well aware about the fact. Usage of mobile devices during pregnancy hinders the development process of a child. Researchers have found that children develop some unusual behavior because of the prolonged exposure of the radiation.

Precaution to avoid harmful effects of Smartphone:

Firstly, one should be aware about the harmful effects of radiation from mobile. Specifically, children and pregnant women. To keep your mobile devices away from your brain one can use wired headset or speaker mode. When not using the device, keep it off your body. Children should not be allowed to use mobile phone as their body cannot sustain that much of radiation. 

Solutions to Minimize the Smartphone Radiation effects:

If you’re using your Smartphone for a long-time throughout the day, you might have to follow some certain rules to minimize the harmful effects.

  • Try to prioritize your tasks daily, so that you can set a good time to finish this.
  • Make sure to take proper breaks in-between your device usage time.
  • Stay hydrated, drink lots of water & eat a healthy diet.
  •  Maintain a daily exercise schedule as possible to activate your body parts, don’t sit idle for long.
  • Try to avoid your Smartphone, as much as possible.
  • Use an anti-radiation chip, if you have one.
  • Network with people in your community, and build relationship. Also perform some social activities to avoid Smartphone addictions.
  • Avoid usage of a Smartphone specifically at night; also finish all your work 1-2hrs. before your bed-time.
  • Maintain proper sleep cycle daily.


The effect may not be visible easily but this thing will cause adverse effect on you. Mobile radiations can cause brain cancer in humans and most predominantly on children who is below 5 years. Precautionary measure should be taken by one for his/her family’s sake. Effect of radiation is not visible through naked eyes but it is there and more you tag along with your mobile devices the more you get exposed to harmful radiation. It works as a slow poison for us as well as for our future generation.

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